The Beginning of Six Sigma Contracting

The recession in 2007 destroyed the construction market nearly in total in Southern California region. I held on as long I could but by 2012 I had to make a move. My move to Billings was a common sense decision. At the time, a 1% unemployment rate, surging economy and what I believed to be a massively underserved market. I am grateful that God has blessed me with excellent clients. Many of whom have become very good friends.

I started Six Sigma primarily for several reasons. I saw that the storm damage arena was very poorly represented not only in terms quality construction, a serious lack of integrity but also a significant ignorance about how insurance claims actually work. From what my customers tell me, I get much more value for their insurance dollar than any other contractor they have worked with before. I know that others also do a good job in the Billings area, but it is typically the exception not the rule.

LA Trade Tech Center

In 2002 I earned an MBA and shifted my focus to the innovative aspects of commercial construction and structural design.  As the Senior Project Manager for Framemax (a joint venture company with KHS&S) we were the largest load bearing steel frame contractor in the world.  We also were the very first to utilize 3D modeling of all our projects both residential and commercial.

I was also heavily involved with R&D and helped shepherd proprietary building components through the ASTM laboratories in conjunction with our structural engineer.  It was a significant achievement to provide building solutions for large commercial projects that provided a 95% structural efficiency in structural design and dramatically reducing construction schedules.  This allowed us to provide superior service and simultaneously creating significant savings for the owners.

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Your complete satisfaction isn’t just a general statement, it’s a deep seated core value that drives me every day.